Waved Tour 2017

Waved, an organization founded by Bastian Barnbeck, is the world’s first foundation that supports public schools in Panama through surfing. Yes, you heard that right: surfing! The initiative started as a charity event, and quickly developed into an official Panamanian foundation called ¨Waved Foundation¨ in June 2016.


This April, the foundation started its very first ¨Got Waved Tour¨, which goal is to raise money, through surfing events around the country, destined to three main pillars: remodeling of schools’ infrastructure, English classes and swimming and surfing lessons for local students in specifically in Pedasí.



The idea behind this tour is the ¨one dollar per wave¨ movement, in which the foundation invites surfers – no matter their degree of expertise – to simply surf at the event. There is no entrance fee and no requirements other than an interest for surfing and education. As stated by Barnbeck, ¨simply go surf and we count the waves via our ´digital wave counter´ which we install right on the beach¨. The idea is that for every wave you surf, you donate a dollar to the organization.

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The tour already started this past Sunday, April 9th, in Pedasí, Los Santos, and received the participation of over 50 students with their parents, some of Panama’s best suffers and was sponsored by 24 national companies, raising over $1,500.00 for Pedasí’s public schools. Big name companies like Cable Onda Sports, Mitsubishi Panama, Dekel Holdings, Coppertone Panama and institutions such as Ministerio de Educación (MEDUCA) and Autoridad de Turismo (ATP) have climbed on board in the #GotWaved project.

IMG_3534The goal of this entire movement is to support as many schools as possible, and to further expand in the quantity of surfing and swimming events across the region.  Barnbeck and his team have designed the Got Waved Tour¨ as a series of 7-8 events throughout the city, specifically in Panama’s most known surfing spots. The next event is scheduled for the end of May 2017, in Santa Catalina. Get more info on that in our upcoming blog posts.

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